Rack Senior Citizen Discounts following strategies

Rack Senior Citizen Discounts following strategies

 Discount or deals, is it less tempting for senior citizens? You will have to be prepared to admit your age. However, if you wish to confess the age number, rack some great discounts. Here are a few tips to get the most and the best:

Research national deals: A few businesses list clearly senior discounts on their website or even post them on the store. For instance for age 62 and older, Amtrak travelers are given a 15% discount on rail fares and the public transportation systems provide free rides or discounts to people at  certain age. In fact, even the entertainment centers such as the movie theaters, museums, retailers, and restaurants post senior rates.

Unlisted deals: There are stores providing discounts to seniors only asking for them. Businesses do not advertise or try senior discount promotion, so it’s really difficult to find them but they can be found here http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.org for 2020 Medicare advantage plans comparison.  You now can ask directly if senior discount is available and consider shopping. Some sites such as SeniorDiscounts.com offer additional deals to the site. The website Sciddy.com lists by city senior discounts.

Check with local services and businesses: Many local businesses offer to regular customers senior discounts. If you are a senior, do not feel ashamed to ask for it and do get it. Even during the household services you may ask for the quote and then for the seniors discount. There is a possibility that on unexpected thing you may receive a discount such as on the utilities, trash removal bill, cable, property taxes, and your cell phone bill.  Do not miss the fine prints. Some discounts are available on specific times or dates, while the age requirements may vary considerably. “Most retailers and supermarkets offer seniors a break on specific week days. If so, plan your shopping accordingly. For instance, Kohl’s offer seniors over 60 a 15 % off for Wednesday purchases only. Also, remember that discounts vary by location.

Get AARP card costing a year $16 to join. This card has negotiated in various discounts variety on behalf of member.  In fact, over 80% AARP members take the best AARP advantage offers. The AARP deals for travel is the most used and this includes rental cars and hotels. In fact, AARP offer on car rentals up to 25% and this includes Alamo, Hertz, and National and at hotels up to 20% including Weston, Sheraton, and Ramada. There are many more discounts based even as limited-time-deals or offers.